Friday, August 17, 2018

Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur

Chow Kit Market is the most popular local market in Kuala Lumpur.  Off the normal tourist path, it is only a few blocks from the Kampung Baru Malay community and I walk over to find a large part of the city shopping, bargaining, and loading up on great produce, meat, fish, and anything else one might want to eat.

As I get close to the market, the street is lined with small shops selling plants, vegetables, and other daily necessities.

Approaching the market

At the edge of the market, I peer in past the scooters and see aisles of food, each aisle focusing on one topic:  poultry, beef/pork/mutton, fish, vegetables.

Peering into Chow Kit Market

I enter and wander the aisles.

 Beef, mutton, pork


Near the poultry stands, a person with a blowtorch is cooking the chickens and the stands are selling both raw and cooked chickens.

 Cooking chicken

The next aisles have fish of all sorts.


 And, finally, the rows and rows of vegetable stands.


Along the edge of the market are small restaurants, serving food prepared from the fresh ingredients a few feet away.

 Dining in

Wow, what a great place!  It makes me want to stay somewhere that I can cook in order to take advantage of all the fabulous foods available here.

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