Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Buildings, Boulevards, and Parks of Phnom Pehn

The buildings and parks of Phnom Penh are a great combination of Khmer architecture and French influence.  Many of the government buildings clearly demonstrate the strong influences of both cultures, such as the Post Office,  Securities Exchange, and the Electricity Bureau.

 Phnom Penh Post Office

 Phnom Penh Securities Exchange

Electricite du Cambodge

Nearby are the National Library and the Raffles Hotel, with great parkways and parks leading from Wat Phnom Temple to the grand buildings.

 Parkway from Wat Phnom

 National Library

 Raffles Hotel

 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

As I walk through the city, I enjoy more of the spectacular boulevards, monuments, and buildings.

 More grand statues, parks, and boulevards

Buddhist Institute:  Research and Documentation Centre on Khmer Culture

General Inspectorate for National Buddhist Educatation
of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Supreme Court

I'll close the day and the trip with some lounging around the Pavilion Hotel, relaxing and thinking about where to go next.  I've enjoyed my brief stay in Phnom Penh and look forward to returning one day (perhaps also to some of the famous Cambodian beaches the next time!).

 Pavilion Hotel

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