Friday, May 18, 2018

Petit Palais in Paris

We can't remember the last time we visited the Petit Palais and we stop in to view their collection, including, of course, a few impressionist masterpieces.  The architecture of the building is beautiful inside, with wide open spaces and lots of light.

Petit Palais

 Grand halls and spaces

The collection is distributed throughout the building and beautifully displayed for us to wander and appreciate.

 Galleries throughout the building

The inner courtyard holds a beautiful garden which has been sheltered from the recent cold weather and brings joy to all of us who wander through it, providing a great complementary addition to the fabulous art displays inside the building.

 Inner courtyard

And, outside the Petit Palais, on the way to the Seine, is a statue of Winston Churchill, commemorating that the museum is on Avenue Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill

Now, it's time to wander down the Seine.

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