Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Holiday in New York: Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park

We're thinking of lunch at Grand Central Station and walk from 5th Avenue over to Park Avenue, passing the incredible tree outside the Lotte New York Palace hotel on Madison Avenue.

Lotte New York Palace

When we arrive in Grand Central Station, we experience a dramatic pause as we enter, looking at the art, architecture, and people.  After absorbing the ambiance, we pass through the main  lobby and down to the food courts, which are full of people, holiday parties, and good cheer.  We're thinking pizza for lunch and Prova Pizza Bar has some of the best.  We share their famous meatballs and split three slices of pizza:  four cheese, meatball and onion, and mushroom.

 Grand Central Station

 Prova pizza and meatballs

After lunch, we stroll through the Holiday Market in Grand Central Station, then head over to the Public Library and Bryant Park.

 Grand Central Holiday Market

The main New York Public Library is on 5th Avenue (between 40th Street and 42nd Street) and is an amazing experience.  We don't go in this time, our destination is Bryant Park, behind it on 6th.

New York Public Library

In addition to a Holiday Market, Bryant Park has an ice skating rink full of happy skaters (and some tentative ones).

 Bryant Park Holiday Market

 Ice skating in Bryant Park

 And, Santa Claus is making an appearance in the park near the skating.

 Santa is here!

Even though the main theme of the park is Christmas, there are people continuing to enjoy their normal activities, including ping pong in the park.

Ping pong in Bryant Park

From Bryant Park, we stroll on 6th Avenue, passing more great decorations along the way, then the fabulous windows at Lord & Taylor, with themes from the Hallmark Channel.

Displays along the way

 Lord & Taylor

Later, we head down 5th Avenue to Madison Square Park, with the most amazing tree (next to Rockefeller Center), then continue to Washington Square Park and find that the entrance to the park is lit for the season and the park is full of carolers singing Christmas carols.  Looking back as we approach Washington Square Park, we see the beautiful bright lights of the Empire State Building celebrating the holidays.

 Madison Square Park

 Empire State Building candy cane Christmas lighting

 Washington Square Park entrance and tree

Carolers and decorations around the park

We've had a full day of exploring the holiday  delights of New York.

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