Friday, January 5, 2018

Holiday in New York: Holiday Market, Macy's, Eataly

We head toward Macy's (Miracle on 34th Street) and find a new Holiday Market in the Garment District on Broadway, occupying a street that has been partially closed for it.  This market is appropriately decorated for the district with distinctive mannequins and statues made of holiday materials.  And, in the food court, a German Bratwurst stand looks like it has been transplanted from the Black Forest.

 Garment District market and decorations

 Shops and stalls

German bratwurst stand

We reach the store windows of Macy's which offer more treats to the eye and are packed with visitors viewing the sights.  The Salvation Army crew is ringing their hand bells and dancing to Christmas carols to raise money for the charity.

 Macy's, Salvation Army dancers

A miniature Macy's opens as we watch

 Macy's windows delight (as always)

 Meanwhile, inside Macy's, the lights and action continue with beautiful decorations throughout.

 Walking into Macy's

 And, in the Christmas Bazaar on the 8th floor, there are ornaments galore!

 Christmas bazaar

From Macy's, we head over to Eataly, next to Madison Square Park, an incredible Italian marketplace, where we will shop and stop for lunch.  I wish we could live nearby and come here every day!

 Food stalls at Eataly (yummm)

Making (and selling) fresh pasta and mozzarella

We wander for a while, but all this great food makes us hungry and we snag a table in the middle of it all and order a few small plates, a charcuterie and cheese platter, fresh mozzarella (made only a few feet/meters from us), and a bottle of wine.  What a great lunch!  And, we watch everyone tracking down their traditional holiday dining choices.

 Charcuterie and cheese platter, fresh mozzarella

On our way out, we notice the Eataly tag line for the holidays, "Bring home an Italian."  We couldn't agree more.  And we do, picking up several small items (fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, olives, and bread) to take home for  a small Christmas Eve picnic dinner at the end of our journey.

 Bring Home an Italian!

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