Friday, December 29, 2017

Holiday in New York City: Christmas Market, Central Park, 5th Avenue

We head on over to Columbus Circle, at the southwestern corner of Central Park, to shop and wander in the Holiday Market, one of the larger Christmas holiday markets in New York City.   As we march up 7th Avenue to the park, we pass Carnegie Hall (wow, practice, practice, practice).

Carnegie Hall

Entering the Columbus Circle Holiday market, we wander through the stalls, particularly admiring the jewelry and art produced locally through the year in anticipation of the market.

 Columbus Circle Holiday Market

I particularly like walking through the food stalls in the market,  smelling the great aromas and watching people enjoying their snacks or meals.  The even have a duck stand!

 Wonderful-smelling and popular food stalls

We spot a few items of interest, but are not ready to buy yet, there are many more markets to visit  before we purchase.  We stroll from the market into Central Park and walk through the park to 5th Avenue, passing the ice skating rink, full of people enjoying the balmy winter day.  There are numerous options for a ride in the park, the New York experience (especially in Central Park) often includes horse-drawn carriages, pedicabs, and bicycle carriages, but we continue on foot.

Ice skating rink

 Rides through Central Park

 Views of/from the park

From the rink, we walk past a half-frozen pond, complete with ice rescue ladders for those who might walk on the thin ice.  The message is clear: skate in the skating rink!

 Continuing through the park, stay off the thin ice!

We exit Central Park at the southeast corner at the Plaza Hotel and the fountain filled with Christmas trees in Grand Army Plaza.  How beautiful, a fountain of live Christmas trees!

 Plaza Hotel and tree-filled fountain

Continuing down 5th Avenue, we pass the truly elegant windows of Bergdorf Goodman (founded in  1899, now with two stores across the street from each other) with themes of New York museums, followed by the sparkles of Tiffany's flagship store.  We are truly on 5th Avenue!

 Bergdorf Goodman


A little further down 5th Avenue, we pass (and enter) Henri Bendel and Cartier, with more great windows and, in Cartier, automated cats sledding down a slope.

Henri Bendel

Stopping inside for a picture

 Cartier skiing cats

Our last stop on 5th Avenue is Saint Patrick's Cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York.  Mass is just starting and the cathedral is packed with worshipers and tourists sharing this incredible place.  We are drawn inside by the incredible sounds of the organ as we approach the cathedral.

 St. Patrick's Cathedral

We turn off 5th Avenue at Saks/Rockefeller Center and continue on our way toward Grand Central Station (next blog)

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