Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stopping in Nice on the way to London

We rise early to catch the first ferry from Bastia to Nice, where we'll head over to the airport for a flight to London and spend a day before returning to San Francisco.  The journey home is long, but we make an adventure out of it.

 Early morning ferries

 Leaving Bastia

The ferry trip to Nice is five hours and we read, lounge around, and eat the wonderful hot fresh croissants and chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) that we picked up at the just-opening bakery near the port before we boarded the ferry.

Hanging out in the ferry

As we get closer, we recognize Monaco, Cap d'Ail, √ąze, then the familiar sites of Nice.

 Approaching Nice, entering the harbor

We have a few hours before our flight and wheelie off the ferry into old town, where we start looking for a restaurant to camp out and enjoy lunch.  After a block or two, we spot several possibilities and pick one that appeals to us.  We have, strangely enough, two kinds of mussels, with mustard and with chrorizo, accompanied by fish salad with octopus, calamari, shrimp, and mussels.  And, for desert, profiteroles.

Fish salad

Mussels two ways, profiteroles

What a great way to spend the afternoon, eating well, a little wine, and a great view of the old harbor, watching ferries and yachts come in and out.  A classic French experience!

View from our table

Soon, it's time to head to the airport and we hop in a taxi and cruise down the Promenade des Anglais, the main beachside boulevard in Nice.

Cutting through Nice

The art at the Nice airport is whimsical, but everyone is tired and just hanging out under it.

 Airport art

And soon, we're aboard and on our way to London.

 Nice in the rearview mirror

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