Friday, September 22, 2017

Ships in the River

The Saigon River flows through the city and my hotel room looks out over it.  The river is busy 24x7 with traffic.  I watch the ships come and go over the time I am there and find it facinating.  After a while, I start to take pictures.

Container ships

I see ships carry gravel up the river and other ships and barges taking gravel down the river.  I wonder why people don't use the gravel they have rather than sending it away and bringing more in?  One of the mysteries of life.

 Dirt, sand, and gravel travel up and down the river

And, the occasional ferry passes by.


Generally, ships go single file, only sometimes passing a really slow boat, and everyone works hard at the bend in the river as the current carries them toward the opposite shore.  But, at times, the traffic picks up.

 Getting busy

 I could sit for hours and watch the traffic on the river.  Something new with every ship and continuous action and change.

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