Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Food and Dining in Saigon

The food in Saigon is plentiful, inexpensive, and really good.  I see fresh food stands everywhere I go, in the markets, on the street corners, and in shops.

 Fresh food in the market

 And, on the street

And, places to eat are everywhere, in the markets and on street corners also.

 Dine in or out

I stop at a stand in a market for a bowl of beef pho and sausage.  The pho tastes of lemongrass and I add fresh mint leaves, bean sprouts, and red pepper sauce.  The side of spicy pepper sausage (on a stick) with peanut sauce and a beer totally complement the meal!

Lunch:  Beef Pho with spicy sausage

I'm truly enjoying the culinary exploration aspects of Saigon!

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