Friday, August 25, 2017

Saigon's Tao Dan Park and Nearby Sculpture Park

Tao Dan Park is behind Independence Palace, just down the street from the War Remnants Museum. A soon as I enter the park, I find walkways, fountains, and people working out in the exercise area or sitting in the gazebos with their friends.

 Tao Dan Park

A little further into the park is a playground, where a lot of parents and kids are enjoying themselves.


At a small restaurant on the edge of the park, people are sitting, talking, and playing cards and board games.


Continuing through the park, I find fun sculptures, a cactus garden, and a small temple.

 Sculpture and cactus garden


Just past the temple is a group of small children learning soccer and basketball and, apparently, a few other random sports.

Learning sports

Leaving the sports school, I cross the street and find an park full of sculptures.  I wander and truly enjoy the sites, with a small cafe in the middle and people relaxing and admiring the art.

 Sculpture park across from Tao Dan Park

After wandering through the sculptures, I walk out alongside a lily pond and arbors over the path leading back to the busy street, where I continue my journey.

 Leaving the park

Much more city to explore!

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