Tuesday, August 1, 2017

798 Art District in Beijing

Factory 798 is an old electronics factory complex, originally designed by East Germans in the 1950s. This stern, forbidding factory area of about 2 million square feet is now an art complex, full of galleries, restaurants, and bars.  I head over in the afternoon and enter the calm, tree-lined streets at the edge of the complex.

 Quiet streets

 Factory buildings

I immediately run into sculpture scattered around the streets, sidewalks, and buildings.

 Sculpture everywhere

A few of the studios are open and I wander in.


Wandering through the studios

Heading back outside, I pop in a store for a Diet Coke and continue to stroll through the complex, admiring more great sculptures.

 Much more sculpture

I truly enjoy my afternoon walking through all the studios and outside art displays.  The 798 Art District is a massive artist community and well worth a trip over from wherever you are in Beijing.

Map of the 798 Art District

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