Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Leaving Beijing - Some Final Sights and the Airport

 As I walk around Beijing, I find playful statues everywhere, showing a great sense of humor and whimsy.


And, scattered around the city on the paths and in the parks, other great art works.

 Other statues

Disembarking from the Airport Express Train at the Beijing airport on my departure from this fantastic city, I take time to explore the art in the terminal area.

 Airport Express Train exit

 Floral display in the airport

One statue at the entrance to the airport, Ziwei Chenheng, is modeled on the sphere invented in 117 AD by Zhang Heng to show the movement of the stars and sun, controlled by water-driven gears and making one revolution every day.

Ziwei Chenheng 

Once inside the terminal, I find fountains and inviting seating areas for snacking and waiting for flights.

 Fountain and resting areas

 And, at the gates, orchid displays.

 Orchid displays

What a great city with so much to offer, both old and new.  I have to come back soon!

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