Friday, July 7, 2017

Yonghe [Lama] Temple in Beijing

Once an imperial residence, the Yonghe Temple is also known as the Yonghe Lamasery, or Lama Temple, a monastery for Tibetan Buddhist monks.  Started in 1694 as an official court residence, the property is still a functioning temple and very popular tourist destination.

Entrance to the Lama Temple

 A popular place!

The temple consists of five main halls off a central corridor, with worshipers throughout the complex.

 Burning incense and worshiping

The buildings are spectacular, inside and out.

 Great temple buildings

 Inside the temple buildings

It must be very distracting to worship here with all the tourists pushing by, taking pictures, and generally getting in the way.  But, everyone seems to get along and do their own thing.  Finally, deep into the temple, I come to the golden Buddha statues, sitting and standing.  Wow, truly impressive!

Buddha statues

I wander back through the complex, toward the entrance, watching worshipers pray and spin the prayer wheel and tourists gawk and photograph.  A few other buildings have displays that I pop in and view.

A few more sites, inside and out

Prayer wheel and temple map

It's been a busy day, with the Confucius Temple and the Lama Temple.  Time to head out and see some of the city itself.

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