Friday, July 21, 2017

Tiatan Park in Beijing

The Temple of Heaven occupies a lot of Tiatan Park, but there is also much more to enjoy outside the temple buildings.  Forest, paths, arbors, floral beds, playgrounds, and exercise areas all occupy the non-temple areas of this 660 acre (267 hectare) park.  It's Sunday afternoon in the park and a lot is going on.

As I leave the Circular Mound Alter in the Temple of Heaven, I walk down straight paths through the forest.

 Paths through the trees

Approaching the Palace of Abstinence/Fasting Palace, the paths widen to the point where people have stretched badminton nets between the trees and are having good games.

 Wider paths, with badminton

And, at the entrance to the Fasting Palace, others are playing a game that involves keeping a puck in the air and passing it to each other by foot.

 Groups kicking the puck

After my visit to the Fasting Palace, I wander through the grounds back toward Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests and find more great paths, gardens, and a sing-along.  There is a small group performing, but everyone watching seems to know the tune and sings along.

 Rose gardens

Other gardens and floral displays


 As I walk through the park, I see more great resting areas that are being fully utilized on this beautiful day.

 Resting/picnic areas in the park

And, more people expressing themselves in song and dance.

Singing for a small group

 Dancing for us all

Practicing with the sword

Everyone is just having a great Sunday in the park, visiting the temples, walking, singing, dancing, or just resting and enjoying the day.  What a great day!  But, eventually, it is time to go and I head out the west exit and turn right toward Tiananmen Square.

 Time to go

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