Friday, May 12, 2017

Renmin (People's) Park in Chengdu

Renmin Park, or, in English, People's Park, is the oldest park in Chengdu, built in 1911, and is the largest green are in central Chengdu.  The park features a lake, gardens, teahouses, pavilions, and people just enjoying themselves through the day.

To get to People's Park, I walk from my hotel up the boulevard to Tianfu Square, then head west for about 15 minutes to the park.  As soon as I enter, I see grand plantings and paths.

Spring plantings

 Paths to wander

Scattered through the park are teahouses where the local sit, play cards or mahjongg, socialize with friends, and spend the day.

Welcome to the teahouse

Teahouse entrances

 Inside the teahouses

 Outside the teahouses, people are hiking around and boating on the lake.

 Enjoying the water, walking around or going on it

And, in the open areas of the park, there is dancing and play.

Groups of dancers

 Group sing-a-long and badminton

After watching the groups for a while, I wander over to a quite corner of the park, where a garden has been created for quiet contemplation and enjoyment.

Quiet garden

Yet, only a short stroll away from the garden, on the other side of the lake, are amusement park rides, operating, but not full, on this spring weekday.

 Rides available

As I complete my stroll through the park, I also pass patriotic statues and monuments, scattered among relaxing open areas.

 Statues and monuments

 Other quiet areas in the park


I've spend almost a half day wandering through Renmin Park, just enjoying the scenery, the people at play, and the spring weather.  This park has everything, it's truly a People's (Renmin) Park!

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