Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jin Li Bazaar in Chengdu

Jin Li Bazaar, also known as Jinli Old Street, is next to the Wuhou Temple in Chengdu and is one of the oldest shopping streets in the Sichuan Province, about 1800 years old.  It is now preserved as a street of Chengdu specialties (embroidery, handicrafts, calligraphy, and paintings) and local food.  I wander through after leaving the temple to see what I can spot.

 Entrance to Jin Li Bazaar/Shopping Street

The street wraps around the outside of the Wuhou Temple and the old buildings have been preserved and filled with new shops.

 Proceeding down Jin Li 

 As I go further into the bazaar, the street gets narrower, with more interesting sights.

 Street narrows

One of my favorites is my first Sichuan pepper shop, with big trays of peppers all around the shop.

Pepper shop

Pepper grinder

The pepper shop is on the edge of the food district, with stalls selling food to go and serious restaurants serving enticing meals.

 Food for here

 Food to go

I wander through the food stalls, savoring the smells and sights, then head back down the street toward the entrance, spotting yet more interesting things on this fascinating street.

 Heading back up Jin Li

And, just outside the street, a small park with exercise equipment, where the monks are working out.

Monks exercising in corner park

From the park, I head across the river, toward People's Park, for my next adventure.

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