Friday, May 26, 2017

Kuanzhai Lane in Chengdu

Kuanzhai Lane is actually three small streets/lanes near Renim/People's Park, called Kuan (Wide) Lane, Zhai (Narrow) Lane, and Jing (Well) Lane.  These streets are now preserved as a microcosm of Chengdu's history.  Kuan Lane shows the original style of Chengdu life, with taverns, elaborate door headers, and old tea houses.  Zhai Lane consists of preserved traditional buildings and courtyards where Chengdu life carried on.  Jing Lane represents the new Chengdu, with modern shops and entertainment in traditional buildings.

Entrance to the three lanes

I start in Kuan (Wide) Lane, wandering down the street and looking at the great traditional buildings of Chengdu hundreds of years ago, examples of leisurely life in the Qing Dynasty.  I think the building entrances and doors are really great.

 Doors and entrances

Traditional buildings

 Lots of shops and restaurants

I next walk through a narrow passageway to Zhai (Narrow) Lane, with traditional crafts, foods, teashops, and courtyards that were central to Chengdu life.

 Narrow Lane

 Sichuan pepper shops

 Silversmiths at work

 Welcome to our teashop

I next head down another narrow passage between the lanes to Jing Lane, featuring more modern shops and restaurants (and smaller crowds)

 Jing lane (the crowds are in the old lanes)

The three lanes of Kuanzhai offer a great peek into old and new Chengdu and I enjoy my pass through, but time to head back to the hotel and think about Sichuan dinner.

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