Friday, March 3, 2017

Passing Through Singapore's Changi Airport

On my way to Bangkok, I have a four-hour layover in Singapore, which has worked hard to create an airport that can be a hub for South Asia.  Major carriers fly in from all over the world and regional carriers fly to all parts of Asia out of Singapore.  And, in addition to being very busy at its job of moving people in and out of Singapore, the airport is fun!

As I walk off the plane, I first see the great floral displays in the middle of the long concourse, some permanent, some just set up to celebrate the Chinese New Year, with places to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

 Floral displays

 Roosters for the Chinese New Year

Random little friends

Inside the departure and arrival halls, there are tall trees and other plants stretching between the floors.

 Trees and plantings rising from the arrival hall to the check-in terminals

Decorative displays by the check-in counters

I see the full terminal because I have to pass through immigration and enter Singapore in order to check in for my Tiger Airlines flight.  There is no line at immigration, entry only takes a few minutes, and the immigration agent gives me a pass to use the automatic gate for my return to the departure area after I check in with Tiger.

Once back inside the departure area, I see more great floral displays.

Another garden

Orchid garden

Wandering further, I find the sunflower garden, on a roof outside the terminal.

 Sunflower garden (on a not-sunny winter day)

I also find a list of gardens and wander over to the information desk to ask where the butterfly garden is located.  Unfortunately, it's in another terminal and I'll have to visit if on a future trip through Singapore.

Airport gardens

It's time to head to my gate (remember, we're in an airport to catch a plane) and I find a peaceful area across from the gate to relax and wait for boarding.

 Quiet area across from my gate

And, while I wait, I stick my feet into one of the free foot massage machines scattered around the gates and get an invigorating massage.

Foot massage machine

But, alas, soon it is time to depart this great airport and move on to my next stop.

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