Friday, March 24, 2017

Dining in Bangkok

I have great meals in Thailand!  I'd go back just for the food!

My first day's lunch is at a restaurant in a mall  (yes, there are shops, but also at least one floor of restaurants and food stalls, ranging from simple cuisine to incredible high-end restaurants).  I'm on a floor of nothing but restaurants and wander, reading the menus and looking at the pictures.  I pick the Love Eat Bistro and sit down to a great meal of chicken in green curry.  It's spicy and delicious.

Green curry chicken

Another day, I have lunch at food court in a adjacent mall and and enjoy squid seafood salad (90 baht or $2.65).

Squid seafood salad

For a special dinner, I Google where to eat duck in Bangkok and come across the Four Seasons (not the hotel), in the Siam Paragon Mall, famous for their duck.  The Siam Paragon Mall food court is an experience itself, filling 1/2 of the ground floor of the mall with a Food Hall, Food Gallery, Take Home Section, Gourmet Hall, and Gourmet Market.  There are small stalls and large, high-end restaurants, one of which is the Four Seasons.  Four Seasons claims to have the best roast duck in the world, using a secret recipe that involves stuffing the ducks with herbs and spices and marinating them in vinegar and maltose syrup prior to roasting.  The result is a complex, sweet flavor, with moist flesh and crispy skin.  It's wonderful!

Four Seasons

Duck on the Menu

I order 1/2 roasted duck and assorted vegetables.  Accompanied by a Thai beer, I savor every taste and dine incredibly!

Half a roast duck

Vegetable assortment

Wow, what a great meal,  I recommend it highly, when you're in a city where one of the four branches of the restaurant are located.

Outside the malls, food courts, and restaurants, all along the streets are food carts and stalls, many with little plastic tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the fresh food.

 Food on the street

Wander, explore, and eat what looks and smells good.  Not a bad way to spend a few days!

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