Sunday, February 26, 2017

On Board the Star Legend: Lounging and Barbeque

The Star Legend (and all the Windstar ships) are very comfortable to lounge around and, with a little over 200 passengers, there are always spaces to sit and relax.

 Lounging over lunch

One night, we have a real treat, an on-deck barbeque, with great food, band in the middle, and line dancing for both passengers and crew at the end.

 Barbeque and band as the sun sets

 With paella and lobster cooked on the deck

Line dancing with the crew

A few days later, the barbeque moves to the beach.

 Beach barbeque

 And, in addition to working really hard to keep our cabin spotless, our cabin attendant occastionally leaves a little towel-animal treat.

Towel animals waiting our return

And, off the back of the ship, there is a water sports platform for swimming and more lounging, with lines extending into the current and a large trampoline a short swim from the ship.  However, the current is so strong that, this trip, I dive off the trampoline and can't get back to it.  I am swimming as hard as I can and the current keeps carrying me farther away.  Laura gets the attention of the attendant, who hops into his Zodiac and comes and gets me.  Otherwise, I would have been ashore in a short while, walking back around the island to take the tender back.  We didn't take a picture of the water sports setup this cruise (too busy enjoying it), but we'll share a from a previous cruise.

Water sports activities behind off the back of the ship

We know several of the crew from previous years and its always great to see who's on the ship this year and hear what ships the other crew we know are on.

Another great, relaxing holiday cruise!

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