Friday, June 24, 2016

A Wide Range of Experiences in Shanghai

After visiting the M50 Shanghai art district, I stop by at the nearby Jiangnan Silk Museum.  There is a small display showing the manufacture of silk garments, but past that are rooms full of all the silk clothing and bedding that anyone could want or imagine, all for sale.  The Jingnan Silk Museum is located on Aomen Road, about a 20 minute walk south of the Shanghai Railway Station and a 5 minute walk from the M50 art district.

Jingnan Silk Museum (and store)

After browsing and purchasing of two pairs of silk pajamas, I head down the street, past some local markets.

Local small shops

These local markets are often next to, and sometimes in the base of the high-rise commercial and residential buildings.
 Shanghai high-rise buildings

Within the same block, I can shop in a small market or a high-end department store occupying several floors of a building.

Scattered through all the buildings are small restaurants, food stands, particularly steamed bun stands, and, next door in the high-rises, sophisticated and elegant restaurants.  I meet friends at one of these, a Japanese restaurant inside a department store.  We have the set meal for three, including sashimi, crab, and hot pot, where we cook our own vegetables and meats in hot broth.

 Crab, before and after

 Hot pot: cook the meats and vegetables in the broth

 And, for desert, cheesecake and soft-serve ice cream

 A satisfied dinner crowd!

With a great meal like that to end the day, I head back to the hotel, ready to move on to the next city.

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