Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wandering Around Shenzhen

Heading out for an early morning walk in Shenzhen, I spot portable bun stands on corners all around the city and the delivery vehicle bringing the buns to stock the stands.

 Steamed bun stands on the corners

Steamed bun delivery vehicle

I wander over to the Shenzhen City Hall plaza to see what's new and find that the floral displays from the fall are gone, replaced by sculpture and a new coffee/tea shop.

 City Hall Plaza (with the Ping An Finance Center in the background)

 Sculpture on City Hall Plaza, in sun and rain

New Tea/Coffee Shop on City Hall Plaza

Keeping my eye open for more two- and three-wheeled vehicles, I spot a delivery truck and police transportation.  Yes, they have police cars too, but I bet the bicycle is a lot faster in the [very slow] rush hour traffic!

 Delivery vehicle

Police Vehicle

The Ping An Finance Center  is nearing completion and dominates the view from all over Shenzhen.  I spot it from many angles and take pictures as I wander along.  The building will be completed this year and is the second highest in China, after the Shanghai Tower.  One day it's raining and the views of the tower in the clouds are great.  I bet it's even better from the top!

 Views of the Ping An Finance Tower

Walking back from the City Hall to my hotel in the Futian District, along Binhe Avenue, I see great murals on the walls along the street, similar to the murals that the artists from the M50 art district were creating on the walls in Shanghai.

 Murals on the walls along the street

And, as I approach the hotel, a water truck is washing the sidewalk.

Washing the sidewalk

I grab a quick lunch and hop on the Shenzhen Metro to my meeting.

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