Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winter Morning Walk in Shanghai

It's a cool morning in late February in Shanghai, but promises to be a clear, sunny day with temperatures getting up to 65ºF (18ºC).  I head out for a walk around the city in the brisk morning air as the sun rises.

I see the remains of Christmas/2016 New Year displays, as well as the more recent (February 8) Chinese New Year celebration.

  The remains of Christmas

The 2016 New Year

 Chinese Spring Festival/New Year) decorations

As I walk through the city, I see the winter flowers in bloom, getting closer to the end of their season, almost ready for spring.

 Winter plantings along the street

However, this has apparently been a cold winter, the more tropically-inclined palm trees are not doing well.

 Palm trees in poor health

My favorite garden at the top of the Bund, next to the Waidaibu Bridge, still has the same snail/dolphin theme as when I last came by in November.

 My favorite garden in Shanghai

 Another favorite topiary along Nanjing Road

Meanwhile, the morning exercise groups are out in the parks and malls, getting their day off to a good start.

Morning practice in the mall and park

 And the food/steamed bun stands are doing a brisk business as people pick something up on the way to work.

 Food stands in the morning

As I complete my loop and return to the hotel, the cats are out to welcome me back.

Sidewalk cats outside the Shanghai Marriott City Centre

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