Friday, March 25, 2016

Morning Walk in Shenzhen

Arriving in Shenzhen at the new terminal, which was opened in 2013, is stimulating experience.  There are great displays on the walkway from the gates to baggage claim and remnants of the Chinese New Year decorations scattered around.

 Art display on the way to baggage claim

 Chinese New Year decorations in the airport

Although it's February in Shenzhen, the weather is warm and sunny, quite a contrast from Shanghai.  People are out in the morning, exercising in the parks, just as they were in the Shanghai colder weather.  Shenzhen has a subtropical climate and winter is very short and mild.  However, on the other side, Shenzhen's location at the estuary of the Pearl River makes is susceptible to typhoons, generally between July and September.

 Morning exercise groups in the park

 Morning badminton in the park

There are still holiday and New Year decorations scattered around town.

 New Year and holiday decorations

But, the plantings are definitely tropical and the tropical plants are alive and thriving down here (not like in Shanghai, where they were dying). 

 February flowers everywhere

 Tropical plants are thriving

It's early, and the shops are setting up for the lunch crowd that will come soon.

Rows of restaurants getting ready for the lunch crowd

 I head back to the hotel and over the the Free Trade Area in Shekou (just up Nanhai Avenue from the Shekou Port and Ferry Terminal) where the medical and telecommunications companies with which I work are located.  It's sometimes odd going there as there are very few foreigners in most of the areas where I wander, but the Shekou district has a large population of foreigners working there and out and about in the streets, shops, and restaurants.  I take the Metro over to the Sea World Metro Station (45 minute ride, changing lines at the Window of the World Station, 4RMB or 61 cents).

 Free Trade Zone

Lunch for three in Shekou

We meet, head out for a good lunch and that winds up today.  I'll wander more tomorrow.

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