Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sculpture on Huaihai Road, Shanghai

Wandering down Huaihai Road, which starts just below People's Park and runs East-West across Shanghai, roughly parallel to Nanjing Road, but on the other side of the Yan'an Elevated Road, I find more great gardens and sculpture among the high-end shops.

As I walk down from People's Square on Huangpi Road, I pass the K11 building just before reaching Huaihai Road.  K11 is a 61-story office building and shopping mall, but what immediately catches my eye are the plantings on the wall of the building above the entrance

K11 building entrance

Then, as soon as I turn onto Huaihai Road, I spot a few random sculptures along the street.

Sculpture on Huaihai Road

And, larger ones in front of high-end stores.

 Sculpture outside Dolce & Gabbana

Sidewalk display outside Lane Crawford

Bird sculpture outside a mall 

And, at the Metro station.

Woman on phone outside Metro station

As modern Shanghai came together, there was lots of room for small parks, gardens and displays.  Here, among the shops and office buildings in one example.

 Small park garden and sculpture

 As I get a few more blocks from the city center, I leave the modern high-end shops and the street is lined with great shady trees.

 Huaihai Road is lined with trees

Then, after about an hour's wlak down Huaihai Road, I reach Baoqing Road, which I often take down to Xujiahui.  Here, I find another small park with more sculptures.

 Sculpture in a small city park

 And one more live sculpture!

Sculpture in another small park

I truly enjoy wandering around Shanghai - there is something new to see everywhere!

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