Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Elvis' Aircraft

Elvis owned three aircraft, a Convair 880 (purchased from Delta Air Lines), a model similar to the Boeing 707, and two Lockheed JetStar business jets.  The Convair and one of the JetStars are on display and we wander through. 

Only 62 of the Convair 880s were ever built as airlines preferred the 3-3 seating of the Boeing products to the 3-2 seating of the commercial 880s (also nowhere near as nice as Elvis' plane).

Convair 880

The inside of the Convair no longer looks like it did when Delta flew it!

Inside the Convair 880

Elvis' bedroom in the plane

Moving on to the JetStar, we find a smaller 10-passenger plane with four rear-mounted engines.  Originally designed for the military, due to budget cuts, the military never bought any and Lockheed had to refocus on the commercial market, selling two aircraft to Elvis, out of a total of 204 built.


It's interesting and another view of the life of Elvis to see the style in which he traveled, from the extensive collection of cars and motorcycles (and a tractor) in the Graceland Entertainment Complex to the aircraft in the field next door.

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