Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Continuing to Stroll Around Charleston

Our next day in Charleston, we start our stroll at the Market Hall at the end of the City Market and head over to the harbor, before wandering back through the city streets toward downtown.

Market Hall

Carriage parking

We pass the Customs House at the edge of the harbor and enter Waterfront Park, which stretches along the harbor to the Battery at the end.  Along the way, we get even better views (than yesterday) of Fort Sumter where the Civil War began and, in the other direction, the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier.

Customs House

Waterfront Park

Fort Sumter

USS Yorktown

Leaving the harbor, we walk back toward Broad Street, the dividing line bewteen the wealthy and most expensive neighborhoods (between Broad Street and the harbor) and the rest of the city (the other side of Broad Street).  Broad Street is lined with historic buildings with a mix of residences, businesses, and public spaces, all subject to "persistent and scrupulous historic preservation."

Broad Street

A few blocks later, we return to the Market Hall, where we stop for a Charleston favorite:  a biscuit sandwich, in this case with bacon and egg (and a few greens).

Biscuit delight

Directions on how to make a biscuit sandwich,
starting with flour, butter, milk, and cream cheese

After our biscuit treat, we stroll a little further through the streets of Charleston, admiring the fabulous architecture and the great scenery.

More sights of Charleston

It's been a short, but fun weekend in this delightful city!

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