Friday, July 14, 2023

Street Art Along the River Lez

The path along the River Lez, leading from Montpellier to Pavlov-les-Flots on the Mediterranean is brightly decorated with paintings on the walls of the underpasses, buildings, and river banks.  We enjoy them all as we walk or bicycle by (depending on the day; if we're going all the way to the Mediterranean, we're on bicycles).

Art along the Lez

And, in the Halles de Lez, the outside stalls are also brighly decorated (also along the river bank).

Food stand in Halles de Lez

Back in Montpellier, a street artist has just finished a work at the end of the Polygone, right at the river and near an entrance to the extreme sports event.

Back in the city 

In addition to the beauty and calm of the river (not to mention the Mediterranean at the end of the path), the art along the River Lez adds to the enjoynment of the path, whether by foot or bicycle.

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