Friday, July 7, 2023

Arriving in Montpellier and Seeing the Setup for Extreme Sports

We arrive in Montpellier, located near the Mediterranean with one of the oldest universities in the world (established in 1220) and the oldest medical school still in operation.  The city has 70,000 students, one quarter of its population, which, combined with its fabulous living environments (one of Europe's largest pedestrian areas), rich cultural life, and Mediterranean climate, make it an incredible place.  

We get the keys for our apartment, run to the Monoprix for a few supplies, and settle in.

Looking out from our apartment

The next morning, we walk through the city over to the River Lez and find that the FISE International Festival of Extreme Sports is setting up all along the river for the largest extreme sports event in Europe to begin next week.
Walking to the Lez

Setting up for Extreme Sports

We pas the Extreme Sports simulator and wonder what it is like inside.


A week later, we pass by as the events are going on and see the crowds and action on the stages and sets.

Extreme sports are on

Meanwhile, back at our apartment, street musicians appear periodically to delight us and the people plassing in the street (yes, we did go downstairs and donate).

Street musicians outside our apartment

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