Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Arriving in Aruba

We arrive in Aruba as the jumping off port for a short cruise to Columbia and Panama (and through the Panama Canal).  Staying in Oranjestad, the capital, we drop off our luggage and head out to see what we can find. 

Welcom to Aruba

We see (but do not take) great party buses around the city.

Party buses

We pass the National Archaeological History Museem with a horse statue reflecting the area's thriving horse and livestock trade starting in the 1500s.  Nearby is an old canoe donated by the Wayuu People of Riohacha Columbia to the People of Aruba.


Outdoor exhibits

Down the street, we find great examples of the local archicture and the vibrant colors of the buildings in the city.

City buildings

And, some beautiful street art on the walls of the buildings.

Street art

Following a canal to the Caribbean Sea, we walk through a small park, past a statue of Princess Wilhelmina (Queen of the Netherlands from 1898 to 1948) and onto a resort on the water.

Through the park

And onto the resort

We stroll back to our hotel, past the 5 o'Clock Somewhere Bar, more great horse sculptures, and the occasional flamingo.

5 o'Clock Somewhere

More great decorations

Soon, the sun starts to set and we wander across the street to Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant for dinner and drinks.

Cross the street to Lucy's on the harbor

As the sun sets in Aruba

In the morning, we wake up and see our ship, the Star Legend, across the way (across the harbor from Lucy's) and just have to wander over there in two days.

Windstar Star Legend

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