Friday, April 14, 2023

Winding up the Quick Trip to Madrid

As the sun sets on our day-long wander through Madrid, we stroll back past the palace and several other places we have previously walked by, viewing them in the changing twilight illumination.


Plaza de Cibeles

Continuing through the city

Passing the train station/botanical garden

We stop at the Hard Rock Hotel for a sparkling water as we complete our exploration.

Water at the Hard Rock

We have a few dinners in Madrid, all of them fabulous.  The first night we have a cheese platter at our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express.

Quick dinner

The next night, we are out with a group and have octopus and share a whole white fish at Restaurant Filandon.

Octopus and fish

Our last night, back at the hotel, we dine on a platter of thin-sliced jambon.  We have a funny story about that night as we return to the hotel around 7:30 and see noone in the restaurant.  Asking if they are open for dinner that night, we were told, "yes, at 8:00."  Silly us, thinking we could eat before 8!

Jambon platter

Wandering through the city, and even at the airport, we see great displays of jambon.  It's too bad we can't bring one home!

Jambon in the city

Jambon at the airport

It's been a quick trip to Madrid, with one day of wandering and a few of work, but we see enough to know that this is a city to which we must return!

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