Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi

The Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi showcases Vietnamese art from ancient to modern times and is the country's primary art museum.  Much of the 20th century art in the museum depicts folk narratives of a nation in defense, drawing on themes of martyrdom, patriotism, military strategy, and overcoming enemy incursions.

The museum was established in 1963 in an old Catholic girl's boarding house originally built in 1937.

We enter and explore, starting first with ancient sculpture and statues.


Next we pass into paintings, murals, and panels, many with themes of ware and defense.

Themes of war and defense

The next galleries hold contemporary art, which has changed dramatically from the traditional themes with exploration of methods, materials, topics, and composition, much of it related to international contact and integration, but with a continued East Asian and Vietnamese style.

Contemporary works

Next, it's back to less-contemporary times with pottery.


What a great collection and selection of wide-ranging art in a fabulous setting!

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