Friday, February 11, 2022

Leaving Saint Martin

On our way to the airport in Sint Maartin (on the Dutch side - it's Saint Martin on the French side), we stop at Maho Beach, famous for its location at the end of the runway.  The beach is filled with people who watch the planes pass over about 100 feet (30 meters) above their heads and then get blasted with sand as the aircraft touch down and take off.

We drive pass the beach and have lunch in the adjacent restaurant/food court complex.  We don't get planes passing directly over us, but we do get to see them on approach and don't get sand blasted.

Looking out from our table

We have a local beer, followed by fish tacos (with rice and beans), pepperoni pizza, and a cheesburger.  They're all great, but the fish tacos are incredible:  large chunks of fish moist and perfectly grilled.  All accompanied by another beer.  All the dishes are made fresh at small stands around the restaurant complex.

Local beer and fish tacos

Pizza and cheeseburger

A few flights arrive as we finish lunch and soon it is time for us to head to the airport and depart this fabulous place.

Flight arriving

On Maho Beach

Food/liquor stands at the beach

Our flight turning onto the runway
Mano Beach at the end

Depart the island, turn toward Miami

Off to a new adventure!

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