Friday, September 17, 2021

Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover

Herrenhausen Gardens are a chain of gardens that occupy 50 hectares  (0.2 square miles), fronted by a palace and filled with gardens, sculptures, mazes, and fountains.  The central Great Garden is one of Europe's most important Baroque gardens and attracts tourists from all over the world.

To reach the gardens, we pass through the Georgengarten, once part of the estate of King George III, around 1810.  Running through the park, the Herrenhauser Allee is a two kilometer (1.25 mile) avenue

Herrrenhauser Allee


The Allee passes by the campus of Leibniz University Hannover, one of the oldest science and technology universities in Germany, with 9 faculties, degree programs in 38 fields of study, and around 25,000 students.

University of Hannover

Entering Herrenhausen Gardens, we pass through the gate into the fabulous Great Garden.

The Great Garden

Passing through the Great Garden leads to Sondergarten, a series of small gardens, each with a different theme, enclosed by hedges.

Small gardens of the Sondergarten

Next, the fountains, surrounding the central Great Fountain (Grosse Fontäne).

Small fountains

Great Fountain

The park is surrounded by a water-filled channel with an outer walkway along the water, around the periphery of the gardens.

Surrounded by water

In the center of the park is a statue in memory of Electress Sophie who was passionately fond of the park and who died here of a heart attack on July 8, 1714 during her daily stroll of the park.

Electress Sophie

Returning toward the Great Garden, we find more small, minimalist gardens featuring small fountains and pleasant seating areas.

Small gardens

Approaching the palace, to the side of the Great Garden, a small outdoor theater is decorated with statues.


We return to the Great Garden for one more look.

Back at the Great Garden

On our way out, we pass the Great Cascade (Grosse Kaskade), the oldest original structure in the Great Garden, dating back to 1676.  The steps of the Cascade were decorated with shells, stalactites, and sculptures by the French fountain master Marinus Cadart in the traditional style of the time.

The Great Cascade

What an incredible treasure and a great way to spend a few hours!

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