Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Berggarten (Mountain Garden) in Hannover

The Berggarten was originally a herb and kitchen garden for the palace, but Electress Sophia later selected the garden as a place to grow exotic plants.  The first greenhouse was built in 1686, supporting crops such as tobacco and mulberry leaves.  Now one of the world's leading botanical gardens, Berggarten contains over 20,000 plants from 3,000 species.  Four greenhouses hold tropical plants, cactuses, subtropical flora of the Canary Islands, and Europe's larges orchid collection with 800 plants from 300 species.

Outside the garden, we are welcomed by a beautiful floral hedge.

Welcome, please enter

First stop, the cactus garden

Cactus garden

Next, the tropical gardens, followed by the orchid gardens.

Tropical gardens

Orchid gardens

Outside the greenhouses, plants are flourishing in the late summer weather.

Happy plants

Next stop, the greenhouse of Canary Islands plants. 

Plants of the Canary Islands

Leaving the Canary Islands, we enter the Steppe Garden, followed by the Prairie Garden and the Moor.

Steppe Garden

Prairie Garden

Moor Garden

The heather garden, at the far end of the park as we start to turn back toward the entrance.

Heather Garden

On our way back through the gardens, we pass many more delightful gardens, ponds, and floral displays.

Strolling back to the entrance

Another beautiful garden in this delightful city!

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