Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Visiting Vineyards in Napa Valley

Every trip to Napa Valley should include some wine tasting at the vineyards filling the valley.  Our first stop is on the beautiful grounds of Domain Chandon to sample sparkling wine.  Domain Chandon was established in 1973 by Moët et Chandon and was the first French-owned sparkling wine producer in Napa Valley, making still and sparkling wined with grapes from Los Carneros, Mt. Veeder, and Yountville.

The Grounds at Domain Chandon


Our next stop is at Hall.  Opened in 2005, Hall is dedicated to single-vineyard and limited production wines.  The vineyards consist of over 500 acres (202 hectares) of classic Bordeaux varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc.  And, the artwork on the grounds is whimsical and delightful.

The vines

Wine in process

Art on the grounds

We head inside to the Hall production facilities and tasting rooms, with expansive views across the vineyards.



Ready for tasting

Our next stop is at Darioush Vineyard, where we taste a few wines and have a group dinner in the courtyard.  Founded in 1997, Darioush focuses on premium Bordeaux-style estate wines.

Dinner at the vineyard

We've only made a few stops among the over 375 vineyards open for tasting in Napa Valley, but we've had a good sampling and a good dinner!  This has been a short trip, but we learned a lot more about Napa than we knew when we lived nearby.


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