Friday, August 13, 2021

Street Art in Napa

Napa is full or artists and art.  On the streets, murals depict the history of the area.  On First Street, near the river, the Hispanic Heritage Mural honors and celebrates past and contemporary advocate activists who continue to promote significant social, cultural, viticultural, and economic advances in Napa.

Hispanic Heritage Mural

Other murals nearby depict historic Napa scenes

Historical Napa

Just off First Street, Artist Alley selected local artists to paint murals on the walls in "celebration of a sense of place and community."

Artist Alley

Scattered around town are sculptures offering delightful surprises as we wander the streets, including a depiction of a horn, honoring Napa as the birthplace of the loudspeaker and the Magnavox Corporation in 1915.

Sculptures around the city

Wander over to the Napa Mill, we find beautiful plantings, courtyards, and more art.

Napa Mill

On the other side of First Street, the Napa 9/11 Memorial Garden lists the names of the victims in Flight 11, Flight 77, Flight 93, Flight 175, the North Tower, the South Tower, the Pentagon, and the first responders who perished on that day, a somber spot for reflection.

Napa 9/11 Memorial

A few blocks away, back in the city center, we find more whimsey.

Back in the city center

Everywhere we turn in Napa, we find art, some serious, some playful, some in-between.  All of it pleasing, thought-provoking, and enhancing the allure of the city! 

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