Friday, March 5, 2021

Dining in London

It's lunchtime at the Camden Market and there are many attractive options, but we're thinking fish & chips.   We walk by Poppies Fish & Chips and the smell draws us in.  Poppies is named after Pat "Pop" Newland, who started in the fish & chip business in 1952 when, at age 11, he got a job cutting up copies of The Daily Mirror to wrap fish & chips.  Eventually, he got his own shop and now offers traditional fish & chips with either cod or haddock.  We choose cod and chips and enjoy the feast.

Cod & chips

The next day, during our stroll through London, we arrive at the Borough Market around lunchtime and, after viewing the fabulous selection of dining options available, we choose fish & chips at Fish!, named the best fish and chips shop in London.  We select a haddock and chips and a cod and chips and sit on a concrete bench along the Thames to dine.


 Our lunches

The next truly British dining experience that we seek out is Sunday Roast.  The Sunday Roast developed during the reign of King Henri VII in 1485, serving a Sunday meal of roast beef, roast potatoes, and accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables, and gravy.  We enjoy this meal at one of our favorite wine bars in Leicester Square, the Cork & Bottle.  This Sunday Roast features roast sirloin of beef, homemade Yorkshire pudding, gravy, duck fat roasted potatoes, and seasonal vegetables, accompanied by a glass of merlot.

 Sunday roast

What a feast!

Next, another great roast:  roast duck
!  Long before chickens became the favorite poultry dish, duck was plentiful and roast duck was very popular in England.  Duck breeding suffered during the world wars and never recovered.  However, roast duck is readily available in London and a quick search brings us to the Gold Mine on Queensway, just north of Hyde Park, a street with several roast duck restaurants.

The window displays ducks waiting to be consumed and we order one, along with a plate of assorted vegetables and Tsing Tao beer.

Gold Mine

 Duck and vegetables

 All together

We enjoy great variety in our London dining and all the meals are fabulous, each in their own way

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