Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Winding Up Our Stay on Maui

We wake up the morning of our last day on Maui (a long-holiday-weekend trip) to the spectacular view from our room.  Or, as one of the hotel works said when we mentioned what a great day it is, "It's Maui weather, it's the same every day."

Maui weather

We do find some signs of the Covid-19 situation:  everyone is required to wear a mask, seating is spaced apart in the restaurants, pools, and common areas.  And, there are signs.

Signs of the times

We have a late afternoon flight (arriving back in Oakland at midnight), so we walk to Kihei again, following the paths and beaches along the Pacific.  The rock at one resort that was decorated for Thanksgiving two days ago, is now decorated for Christmas.

Happy holidays!

We follow the Eddie Pu Trail through the seabird nesting site, pass the harbor, and soon are in Kihei, where the only beings out and about in the morning appear to the the chickens and the surfers.

Morning activities

Maui Fish & Chips is open today and we share lunches of Mahi Mahi and chips and Opa and chips

Fish & chips

The walk back to Wailea shows us more of the beauty and character of this fabulous island.

Which way is the wind blowing?

Along the coast

Thoughts to live by

More hotel pandemic signage

Pool toy, soon to be deflated and carried home

A last look into the Grand Wailea as we leave

Holiday spirit at the airport

Lines of private jets at the airport
(Not ours, we're on Alaska Airlines)

It's been a fabulous holiday weekend and now we're on our way home to pick up our lives where they were before we semi-suspended reality in Hawaii.

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