Friday, December 4, 2020

Walking to Kihei

We wake up to a beautiful morning on Maui and stroll through the Grand Wailea, remembering the fun times we've had here over the years.

Morning on Maui

Hotel holiday decorations

Hotel grounds

We start the day with a walk along the water (over paths and beaches and through parks) to Kihei, the next town, about about 4 miles (6.5 km) away.   Initially, we follow a path along the water, passing several of the Wailea-area resorts.

Along the water

We pass some grand houses on the edge of the beach.  In prior years, we walked by these houses on the road side, but fences and hedges prevented us from seeing how great they are.  But, they're all open to the sea and the beach on the beach side, at the rear of the property.

Hawaiian lifestyle

Simple holiday decorations are on display at one of the properties.


Soon, we reach the harbor at Kihei and the Eddie Pu trail, named after the National Park Ranger who circumnavigated Maui on foot every year for 25 years, starting in 1976, a distance of 211 miles (340 km).  This part of the trail leads through seabird nesting area, with great views of the Pacific.

Kihei harbor

Eddie Pu trail

We arrive in Kihei, packed with beautiful parks and beaches along the ocean.

Kihei beaches

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