Friday, November 6, 2020

Small Beach Towns Near Montpellier

It's a short drive, tram trip, or bicycle ride along the river Lez from Montpellier to small fishing and beach towns on the Mediterranean (Mer Méditerranée):  Palavas-les-Flots, Carnon, Plage le Petit Travers, Plage du Grand Travers, La Grande-Motte, and Le Grau-du-Roi. 

Mer Méditerranée

We first wander around Palavas-les-Flots, noting that the the fishing boats have stands on the dock alongside each boat to sell fresh catch.  We're too late for today's offerings, so we visit one of the restaurants across the street from the docks to enjoy the fresh fish.


Fish for sale off the boat

The next town along the coast, Carnon, has a large harbor and marina, along with fishing boats, fish stands, restaurants, and, of course, beaches.


A little further along the coast, two beaches, Plage le Petit Travers and Plage du Grand Travers offer sun, sand, and delights of the sea.

Petit et Grand Travers

The town of La Grande Motte provides more of the same, with beaches, modern seafront apartments, and tempting seafood.

La Grande Motte

The last town on this stretch of coast, Le Grau-de-Roi, is a serious commercial fishing port, with nets piled on the docks near the ships and more great beaches a little further on.

Le Grau-de-Roi

The small villages and beaches on the Mediterranean next to Montpellier offer fabulous afternoon or day trips from Montpellier.   Just take the tram from town or bicycle on the path along the river for an adventure on the beach or a meal of fish fresh off the boat.

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