Friday, November 20, 2020

Sanremo, Italy

We visit the Sanremo market to view the great fish, meat, and produce for sale, especially the fish and cheese, which have their own separate markets, and we purchase a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of Grana Padano cheese to bring home, watching the vendor cut a wedge off one of the big wheels.

 Market building

 Fish market

 Cheese market

Walking along the Mediterranean, we admire the parks and grand houses making up the modern  section of this city.

Along the sea

 Parks and walkways along the sea

Returning to the harbor, we explore the beach, the grand hotels, and the casino.


Hotel and casino

One of our best meals on this trip along the Mediterranean (and, certainly the largest) is in Sanremo, where we dine at the port on a mixed grilled fish platter.  It looks fabulous and it is!  Wow! 

Mixed grilled fish platter

Making progress!

What a great introduction to Italy, and, only a short distance from Nice and Monaco.

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