Friday, September 25, 2020

Dining in Costa Rica

Our meals at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica Peninsula Papagayo are all fabulous. And, the setting, mostly outside, sometimes on the beach, is incredible

Dinner on the beach, at water's edge

We have a casual dinner in the hotel's café:  starters of wild mushroom flatbread, shrimp quesadillas, and duck carnitas tacos, followed by the daily catch (fish) on the grill accompanied by lobster mashed potatoes, coconut rice & beans, and grilled avocado.  Accompanied by a nice Beaujolais and followed by desert of papaya and cream cheese flan and a baked banana.


Entrée and sides


For the birthday party (our host's, the reason we're in Costa Rica), we dine on the beach for a fabulous tropical feast.


It's been a short, but great time in Costa Rica.  We're glad we were able to join the party and need to come back on our own someday!

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