Friday, September 18, 2020

Diamante Eco Adventure Park in Costa Rica

We head out for a day of fun and adventure at the Diamont Eco Adventure Park in Costa Rica, starting with a water taxi ride from the Papagayo Peninsula over to Playa Matapalo in Guanacaste, about 13 km (8 miles) away.

Water taxi

We ride in the back of a truck from the beach into the animal sanctuary and wander.  Diamante's animal sanctuary is home to a large variety of Costa Rican wildlife, housing frogs, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, many species of birds, sloths, butterflies, and a variety of cats, including pumas and jaguars.




We learn a few interesting facts:  the sloths sleep 15-20 hours per day and can take up to a month to digest a single meal, leading to their low metabolism and slow lifestyle.


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