Friday, May 22, 2020

Dining in Hannover

Our first dinner in Hannover is at Mon Amici Miei, an Italian restaurant located on a street of restaurants behind the train station.  We start with an antipasto (we forget to take a picture), followed by a serving of grilled octopus and fettuccine swirled in a wheel of Grana Padano cheese and topped with truffles.

 Octopus, fettuccine in Grana Padano

And, of course, every now and then, a beer


Our second night, we dine in a restaurant at the Herrenhausen Gardens, starting with buratta and assorted vegetables, followed by salmon and gnocchi.  And, of course, a beer (or two).

 Buratta and beer

 Salmon and gnocchi

For our final dinner in Hannover, we visit a Bavarian beer garden, Paulander am Thielenplatz, and enjoy some old German atmosphere and hospitality.  We start with a pretzel (and lots of butter), followed by schweineschnitzel (thin-cut pork chops, breaded and fried), accompanied by champignons, and schweinebraten (slow-roasted pork shoulder in a rich sauce) with sauerkraut.

Inside the beer hall, pretzel

Schweinschnitzel, schweinbraten with sauerbraten

For lunches, typically a small sandwich with great fresh-sliced charcuterie is tasty and filling.


We've dined well in Hannover, exploring several different cuisines and enjoying them all.

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