Friday, January 17, 2020

Voi Phuc Temple and Festival Parade in Hanoi

The Voi Phuc Temple, near the Hanoi Zoo, was built in 1065 to honor Linh Lang, son of King Li  Thanh Tong, the prince who was believed to have been sent by God to defend the locals from the Tong invaders.  Every year the temple holds a festival to commemorate the virtue of Linh Lang, including the participation of poets, writers, musicians, and athletes and I am lucky enough to arrive just as a festival parade begins.

On my walk over to Voi Phuc, I pass another small temple and stop in to see what I can find and I visit a beautiful, small, well-maintained temple.

 Short temple visit

The path to Voi Phuc Temple is along the Song To Lich river through the city and, as I leave the river toward the temple on its right bank, the parade is just beginning at the temple entrance.

Along the river to the temple

 Parade begins

As I walk through the streets around the temple and the zoo, I meet the parade winding back through the streets of the city.

 Temple parade continues

I walk down the narrow streets through which the parade has just wound its way, with burning incense and offerings on tables outside the shops and homes of the neighborhood.

 Streets of the parade

Offering along the way

As the parade ends at the temple, I enter and find great displays and alters in one one of the most visited temples in Hanoi, along with the remnants of the parade.  The temple grounds, on Lake Thu Li, are spectacular.

 Temple grounds

Inside, the temple displays and alters are beautiful.

 Inside the temple

The Voi Phuc Temple is truly beautiful and fascinating.  Arriving as the festival parade travels through the local area adds even more to the wonder of this visit.

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