Friday, January 24, 2020

From Thong Nhat Park Around Hoan Kiem Lake

Thong Nhat park was established in 1958 to provide greenspace in Hanoi.  The name of the park means "reunifiction," reflicting a desire at that time to unify Vietnam.  The park is also known as Lenin Park as a good will gesture to Lenin on his 110th birthday.

The park is small, oriented around Bay Mau Lake, with beautiful topiaries, sculptures, gardens, and lots of activities on the lake and on land.





From the park, I walk a few blocks up to Hoan Kiem Lake (which we passed by previously on our walk through Old Town) and walk around the lake, admiring the gardens and the scenery.

 Gardens at Hong Kiem Lake

 Around the lake

Thong Nhat Park and Hong Kiem Lake are near each other, but have very different characters, providing a variety of activities and sights for those of us lucky enough to visit and enjoy these oases in the center of the bustling city.

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