Friday, December 27, 2019

Wandering Around Hanoi, Vietnam

We arrive in Hanoi and head out into the streets to wander and see what we can find.  In a short time, we stroll through old traditional neighborhoods, new modern communities, and, at times, a mixture of both.

Streets of Hanoi

We find beautiful parks and gardens along the Red River and along the shores of the lakes in the city, offering relaxation, sport, and beauty.

 Gardens and parks

 And, we find sculpture, wall paintings, bright flowers, and topiaries brightening up the parks and streets of the city.

Art and sculpture


 Flowers for sale

The favored mode of transportation is a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle and the streets are full of them carrying people and packages all over the city.


We finish our initial wander around Hanoi with a few more scenes that we come across as we meander through the streets.

Street scenes

What an intriguing introduction to Hanoi!  We're looking forward to more exploration over the next few days.

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