Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Walking to Kihei

We're staying in Wailea on the southwestern coast of Maui, the sunniest and driest part of the island, and decide to walk to Kihei, the next town up the coast, for lunch  It's about 5 miles (8 km) to the middle of Kihei, a great walk along the coast, past hotels, parks, and beaches, and through the small town of Kihei with its 6 miles of fabulous beaches.

We first pass through the lush manicured grounds of Wailea before heading down the hill to walk along the coast of Kihei.

 Wailea landscaping

 Kihei beaches

The other side of the road from the beaches is lined with hedges of bougainvillea and other tropical plantings.

 Bougainvillea hedges

As we get further into town, the old unsheltered bus stop benches turn into modern steel and glass structures.

 Old bus stops

Modern bus stop

We walk over to the humpback whale statue in Kalama Park, reminding us that the Hawaiian Islands are a National Marine Sanctuary to which more than half of the Northern Pacific humpback whale population migrates each year, some travelling more than 3,000 miles (4,830 km) to spend winter in the warm Hawaiian waters.

 Humpback whale

We stop for fish and chips at Maui Fish and Chips, choosing fried ono and fried mahi for our fish (they also offer basa, cod, ahi, shrima and ika (squid)).

 Maui Fish & Chips

After lunch, we stroll back to the lush grounds of Wailea streets, parks, and resorts and cut through scenic open lobby of the Marriott Wailea Beach Resort to get to the Pacific and walk along the water to our hotel.

 Back in Wailea

 Marriott Wailea Beach Resort lobby

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