Friday, November 15, 2019

Sanremo, Italy

Sanremo (also, San Remo), Italy is on the Mediterranean, approximately 25 km (15 miles) from France.  Originally a Roman settlement, the town has, at various times, also been part of France and part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.  Currently, Sanremo's Mediterranean climate and beautiful seaside setting on the Italian Riviera make it a popular tourist destination, as well as a fishing port and an exporter of flowers and olive oil.

I arrive in the mid-afternoon and find my hotel on the main pedestrian street, Via Matteotti.

 Via Matteotti

Above Via Matteotti, the old town is a warren of alleyways, stairs, restaurants, shops, and homes,  I immediately head in and up, finding as one reward great views of the sea from the top.

 Streets of old town

 Small restaurants scattered around

View of the sea

From the old town, I descend back to Via Matteotti and head to the old port (Porte Vecchio) and the sea, with a great harbor, beaches, restaurants, fishing fleets, and a fort.

 Along the sea and harbor

 Porto Vecchio and its fish

 Fishing fleet

Mending the nets

 Selling and serving fish at the port

Il Forte at the harbor

I've seen a lot in my arrival wander through Sanremo and am looking forward to a full day in this city tomorrow.

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